Fire Shutter vs Fire Curtains

How Do You Decide Between The Two? When faced with the predicament of specifying fire curtains or fire shutters, your decision should largely depend on how well they can be integrated into your building plan and design. We’ve broken these down into three main factors to consider: appearance, price, and building type. 1. Appearance  Where the […]

Are Fire Shutters Mandatory

Short Answer is YES, according to the OBC. OBC simply means the Ontario Building Code. New building codes require that fire shutters be installed if a new build or renovation is less than four feet to the property line.  All windows and doors on the wall facing the property line will require Fire Shutters. If the distance to […]

What Are Fire Curtains

Fire Curtains can be easily described as an alternative to Fire Shutters They are much more complicated than their alternative, with good reason too. According to, Fire curtains are a deployable, textile opening protective that seal off an area on fire to contain and prevent smoke and fire from spreading. Fire curtains are made […]

What Are Fire Shutters

Why Fire Shutters? To protect lives and property against fire, homes must meet a number of building code requirements including having smoke detectors and fire alarms throughout all levels.  Sprinkler systems may also be mandated in the case of multi-dwellings and commercial buildings. Likewise, a FIRE SHUTTER or  FIRE DOOR is a fire safety feature that primarily […]

Rollshutters Maintain Their Looks

We’ve all walked past or driven by some pretty worn down garage doors on residential homes, or rolling doors/grilles on commercial businesses which look like they’ve had better days and on their last legs. This is not the case with rollshutters or roll up doors, as these manage to keep their looks for decades, especially […]