Roll Up Shutters
Roller shutters are custom made solutions applicable in Garage doors, Poolhouses, Cabanas, Sheds, Boathouses, Laneway Garage and dividing spaces.

Roll Shutters

Roll up shutters have been in existence for over half a century and are much more popular in Europe compared to other parts of the world. They are known to outlive property occupants due to their rigid and functional nature.

Usually clients have a single goal when considering a rolling shutters for a project, however, we aim to educate on the multiple additional benefits which highlight its immense value. When these benefits are properly considered, it proves to be worth every dollar.

Roller Shutters or Roll Up Doors can be used for a myriad of purposes ranging from mechanical, automation, security, functionality, storage, privacy, indoor/outdoor living, space management, beautification and even luxury.

Roll up shutters when properly applied, presents a vast array of features or solutions to any property ranging from privacy, security, energy efficiency, functionality and aesthetics.


Frequently Asked Question

Custom designs available to compliment design and architectural elements.

Manufactured locally which allows for a quick turnaround and just-in-time supply for parts or repairs.

  • Certified and Experienced installers who know what to do and what to check for.
  • Proper drop-test must be carried out and certification provided.
  • To meet Ontario Building Code (OBC) or your city/provincial building code as required.
  • To help meet building requirements
  • To pass building inspection
  • Limit the damage a fire can do
  • Stop fire from spreading
  • Keeps fire at bay & buys fire services more time.
  • Prevent loss of life through fire compartmentalization.
  • Basement windows
  • Ground and Upper Level windows
  • Counters in Schools, Churches, Not Profits
  • Businesses, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Museums, Art Galleries, Warehouses

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