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Roll Up Shutters
Also referred to as roller shutters or roll up doors, they are extremely popular in Europe and slowly gaining prominence in North America. Used in both residential and commercial settings, their applications are wide ranging.
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Privacy Screens
Provides protection from the Sun and Bugs, while allowing you a clear view of your outdoor living. There are different grades of shades to select from.
Sun and Bug Screens
Overhead Doors
From garage door repair, garage door opener repair, door spring, installation of new overhead doors and garage door openers. We service all the major brands. We also offer new commercial or residential garage door and opener sales as well as installation.
Overhead Garage Doors
Poly Doors
Useful when there’s a need for organic lighting as it makes for an excellent natural source of sunlight. A PolyDoor transmits up to 83% of available light while reacting to the extreme brightness and heat caused by the sun.
Overhead Poly Doors
Pergolas & Pavilions
These are extremely useful for homes and businesses that intend to extend time spent on the outdoors in our canadian weather, giving maximum benefit to accessible space.
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Our Products

We do really well in helping homeowners and businesses with:

- Fire Shutters and Fire Doors

- Roll Up Shutters

- Privacy Screens

- Overhead Garage Doors

- Poly Doors

- Pergolas and Pavilions

As you know, there are a bunch of Garage Door Guys in every city. However:

- We noticed a lack of comprehensive service & support

- And realized a gap in service and product knowledge required in properly guiding homeowners and businesses

- This means the right, practical and feasible solutions were not being recommended.

- Because every project is unique and one size does not fit all.

- We decided to help in solving problems like meeting city or provinicial (Ontario) buidling code, privacy, security, insulation, energy efficiency, protection from the elements, space management, branding, bug/insect/sun/noise protection, anti-vandalism, storage and so much more.

Four simple reasons:

1. Clear Communication

2. Solution Knowledge

3. Value for Money

4. Time Management 

Every project is unique as is their solution customized. Your window or door dimensions will vary:

- So we aim to first understand your situation

- Identify the problems that need solving

- We provide free project consultations, sometimes recommending options outside our business.

- Then separate what you need from what you want, allowing both parties to clearly focus on your goal.


From Roll up shutters, fire shutters & doors, sun or bug screens, pergolas or pavilions, to overhead doors and poly doors, we aim to help homeowners, designers, architects, contractors determine a practical solution for privacy, fire prevention, security, insulation and city building code.


With our door and window industry knowledge and experience, we' offer various indoor and outdoor solutions for Businesses, Schools, Hospitals, ranging from standard to unique, security, safety, insulation, fire protection, anti-vandalism, or space management for almost every project in varying sizes.

Our Product Line

Roll Up Shutters

Privacy Screens

Overhead Doors

Fabric Doors

Rolling Steel Doors

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