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Are Fire Shutters Mandatory

Short Answer is YES, according to the OBC.

OBC simply means the Ontario Building Code. New building codes require that fire shutters be installed if a new build or renovation is less than four feet to the property line.  All windows and doors on the wall facing the property line will require Fire Shutters.

If the distance to the property line is under four feet, the requirement to install Fire Shutters also applies to existing properties when building an addition or if cutting out new window or door openings.

Rental apartment buildings and multiplexes with a fire escape require Fire Shutters on window openings facing the fire escape.


For safety, some commercial door and window openings require, by code, the installation of a commercial Fire Door or Fire Shutter.  Fire Shutters are required to be inspected and drop-tested at regular intervals.


For the most part, residential Fire Shutters have been used when a homeowner has concerns about fire safety and chooses to install them as a preventative measure.  They can also be required in order to obtain building permits when there is not a four foot clearance from the property line.  For example, in some dense residential areas of Toronto, Fire Shutters allow Fire Code compliance when mandatory setbacks and distances cannot be met.  They provide a safety barrier when neighbouring houses would not otherwise be able to have openings on sides facing one another.

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