High Speed Doors
High Speed Doors are also referred to as Fabric Doors, they are one and the same solution applicable for use in commercial, industrial and warehouse environments.
Fabric Doors
They are practical, functional and virtually indestructible.

E100 High Speed Fabric Door

This high speed door is virtually Indestructible. It also has an optional break away bottom bar which gives away, allowing for fast and easy repair without the use of special tools. They are also very rugged yet an economical solution for environmental separations where high speed is not a requirement. These fabric high speed doors are weather resistant and has a puncture resistant fabric with a layer of woven Polyester monofilament PVC, available in a wide spectrum of colours, which can be tailored to suit your building aesthetics.
Even after an impact this door is designed to have you up and operating in minutes, allowing your facility to keep running without interruption.
Pre-wired operator with integral control panel requires minimal electrical wiring.

HS200 High Speed Fabric Door

These doors are designed for high speed opening and closing. Weather and puncture resistant fabric with a layer of woven polyester mono-filament PVC. It is virtually Indestructible. The break away bottom bar gives away allowing for fast and easy repair without the use of special tools. Some key features of this door are:
High speeds up to 36”/sec
Clear PVC vision panel 36” height Springless barrel design Interior application – No windload
Resilient & flexible at temperatures ranging from -15°C to +90°C
PVC coated polyester monofiliment fabric (blue, orange & black)
Aluminum bottom bar gives away at impact, allowing for easy repair
The airtight seal and minimal infiltration is ideal where heat loss or gain is a concern


Frequently Asked Question

Custom designs available to compliment design and architectural elements.

Manufactured locally which allows for a quick turnaround and just-in-time supply for parts or repairs.

  • Certified and Experienced installers who know what to do and what to check for.
  • Proper drop-test must be carried out and certification provided.
  • To meet Ontario Building Code (OBC) or your city/provincial building code as required.
  • To help meet building requirements
  • To pass building inspection
  • Limit the damage a fire can do
  • Stop fire from spreading
  • Keeps fire at bay & buys fire services more time.
  • Prevent loss of life through fire compartmentalization.
  • Basement windows
  • Ground and Upper Level windows
  • Counters in Schools, Churches, Not Profits
  • Businesses, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Museums, Art Galleries, Warehouses

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