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What Are Fire Shutters

Why Fire Shutters?

To protect lives and property against fire, homes must meet a number of building code requirements including having smoke detectors and fire alarms throughout all levels.  Sprinkler systems may also be mandated in the case of multi-dwellings and commercial buildings.

Likewise, a FIRE SHUTTER or  FIRE DOOR is a fire safety feature that primarily has had applications in commercial buildings.  These fire shutters are now also finding their way into the residential property market.  This is an extension of a wider strategy to develop and promote more efficient ways to reduce the risk of fires.

The main purpose of Fire Shutters is to protect fire from spreading fire to neighbours but can also be used as a locking security shutter.

How exactly do Fire Shutters work?

Fire Shutters are barriers installed in doorways and windows that stop or slow the spread of fire until emergency services can arrive.  Fire Shutters are constructed from materials that withstand 45 minutes of heat from fire, allowing people to escape from a building and protecting against spread to adjacent property.

These shutters can be connected to and triggered by a fire alarm, or have a built-in smoke or heat detector to automatically drop and create a barricade.  Some may have both.  And, some types will roll down under their own weight while others will have mechanics that close the door using a quick motorized system.  Additionally, certain motorized door fire shutter systems are designed to close downwards only to a certain level and act as a smoke barrier so people can still escape underneath the opening at the bottom.  The purpose of fire shutters is to:

  1. Limit the damage a fire can do;
  2. Stop it from spreading; and
  3. Prevent loss of life through compartmentalization.

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