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Rollshutters Maintain Their Looks

We’ve all walked past or driven by some pretty worn down garage doors on residential homes, or rolling doors/grilles on commercial businesses which look like they’ve had better days and on their last legs.

This is not the case with rollshutters or roll up doors, as these manage to keep their looks for decades, especially if they’re the right profile combination for the application. This doesn’t matter whether or not they are security rollshutters or garage door/laneway/poolhouse rollshutters.

How Come?

Most of the garage doors and rolling doors/overhead doors you come across are made of steel and heavily mass produced in most cases leaving out a lot of room for quality & longetivity especially when optics are involved. However, Roller shutters are custom made, powder coated aluminum solutions with some of the finest finishing touches which helps them retain their aesthetics even decades after installation, especially when installed without dents and scratches.

Minimal Maintenance Required

After a while, especially given the weather in these parts of Canada, the rollshutters can seem to appear dirty and sorts but not to worry as all you need is a damp piece of cloth to wipe it all down. This painless task should restore a better look to your roller shutter whether residential or commercial.

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